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Bullion Grey

D.B.Grey's New Book!

This new work is a collection of works that are mind-expanding. The reader finds in prose and commentary finely contrasted observations that cause the reader to open their willingness to experience higher-consciousness. Available in paper back and hard back, it is available for $19.95. The E-Book format is $9.95. This is a must read for all who are growing in their own spiritual path. A refreshing experience, without cliches and common views on the nature of God, life and our own inner experience.

"This is akin to having a conversation with Morpheus, are we really awake? You lead the reader down many different paths of thought here, nice work!"
--- Voila G.

Positively an original take that this work explores new ground in the consciousness expanding materials.

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Or Email: bulliongrey@live.com

Makes a great gift and an excellent addition to any library!

How Do You Put A Star
in the Sky?
Passages Toward Awakening

Bullion Grey Book How to put a star in the sky