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Bullion Grey

Creative Questions
Art - Science - Spirit - Mystic
Imagination - Intuition
Cooperation - Collaboration

What creative questions can do is open up opportunities you might not have seen without  creative asking and answering.

Sometimes we ask a creative question and the creative answer takes 2 weeks. This is for you the creator, enjoy.
What is my vision for my artistic/creative work?

What could be my vision?

What inspires me?

What 5 new opportunities can I imagine?

What 3 ways can I turn my creative expression into profitable opportunities?

Based on these ponderings what should I be doing now?
Who can enjoy my art?

Who can distribute my creations?

Who can promote my creations?

How can I show my creations so people can purchase them?

What question have I not asked myself?

Advance at the speed of imagination with creative brainstorming.