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Bullion Grey

Some Comments I've Received

Poem: You Live My Life, I Lived Yours
Comments: Strangely romantic, bizarrely beautiful. I love it!:)

Poem: Early Upon The Morn
Comments: Beautiful Prayer BG....10+++!

Poem: Tis Made From Agree
Comment: Interesting and beautiful composition...
fine diction used! 10 +++

Poem: Do We Come From A Poem?
Comment: Lovely poem! Nice doing, love the idea...thanks!

Poem: Becoming More Curious
Comment: I like the idea, it's just plain good writing.

Poem: Letter To A Friend On Vacation
Comment: It is a beautiful piece, full of devotion. As a reader
you just get engrossed in it. 10

Poem:  The Voices of Time
Comment: I love poetic writing that makes you think and pose
a question, and more particulary writings of yours which do this;
thank you for illuminating the mysteries of life once aain.

Poem: An Awakened Understanding
Comment: Many of your poems evoke a deep spirituallty -
this so far is the best. You have a gift Bullion, thanks
for sharing.

Poem: Be Love
Comment: Very nice, is could be a song lyric.

Poem: I Was Raised By An Insane Man
Comment: Completely surrounded, protected  to have survived
such evil....and even to have moved beyond bitterness.
Keep sharing, thanks!

Poem: The Imaginateur
Comment: Your passion is your therapy, release, carry on!

Poem: Email To A Friend
Comment: Too much imagination!! Is that possible?
Funny! Perhaps it is safe to say, feel the ground under
your feet! Keep enjoying...

Poem: Do We Come From A Poem?
Comment: A lyrical tribute to the stage of life, why not? 10

Poem: 12 New Ideas
A. Musaddeg
Comment: I love this outstanding composition. 10 +++

Poem: The Cosmic Wish Store
F. Davidson
Comment: Excellent writing BG, liked reading this
one. 10+++

Poem: Betixed Nill & Null
Leslie Alexis

Comment: Interesting dazzle of your poetic pen.

Poem: Consciousness Kite : L. Chew
Comment: I love this poem. very deep yet very tender
in its own beautiful verses.

Poem: Another Ordinary Day : j. Xane -
Comment: Well, I got to say I've never read such a nice
and awesomely 'ordinary' piece before... the alliteration
and repetition is amazingly impressive... keep writing sir.

Poem: God Imagines : E. Khan
An imaginative and beautiful poem. Aren't we
the tiny sparks of the flame we call God? Well penned,

Poem: An Awakened Understanding : H. Rouge
Your poetry is so lyrical, so mystical - it surely
must be written to be sung.: -)

Poem: Be Love : R. D'Souza
I've been thinking of some things along the
same lines lately, but you've managed to put them into
words. Really nice!

Poem: Everything Affects Something : P. Masterman
I love this. I think you are a metaphysician.

Poem: Where Poets Meet : P. Masterman
What a beautiful piece of writing. I love the
spot where poets meet.

Poem: Sometimes When I write a Poem : F. Davidson
Great and interesting write...you have a way with words....10++

Poem: I Measured the Sea with a Thimble : R. D'Souza
This poem makes me think about how we
live our lives in such small spaces coveting and hoarding
insignificant things, when we have been given the entire universe!

Poem: God Imagines : D. Delores
Comment: Thanks for the wonderful thoughts and poems,
Bullion. You are quite the perfect balance of preciousness
and humility and it shows in your work. Thanks again, enjoy
a blessed week.

Poem: Consciousness Kite : C. J.
isosceles? Had to look it up....equal sides, equal angles... I've learned something today.. 'Can my kite fly me? Is it something it can do? Has it in this short verse flown you? C.J. 10+!

(some names omitted by request of reader)