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Bullion Grey

Cogito Ergo Carpe Momentus

Not sure about your next career move?

Want others to talk about what options you have?

Want to do something new with your life?

Wish to head in a new direction
but don’t know where
to start or how?

Every 7 minutes an idea dies
in the heart of the person who had it.
YOU can help……

Prevent ideacide by Brainstorming with an experienced, and talented facilitator. Keep in mind all you need are a few good ideas, or even just one great idea. Brainstorming is the single best way
to invite fresh ideas into your experience.

This Brainstorming is FREE, no charge, ever.
Thats right: NO FEE EVER!
- this is not a “promotion or sales tactic”-
 In fact there are no strings attached of any kind. Call: 1-(951) 729-6628 (you must be 21 or older).

For Brainstorming about your career, small business, or Spiritual Path; leave a contact phone number and good time to call you to Brainstorm for about 30 minutes, more or less
depending on your needs.

One idea from Brainstorming can save you a year worth of hassles, frustration or money. A good idea can help you reach the right person - that can open the right door for you, or refer you to that right person. Its just a thought away!  Either you are career building, or starting a small business, or need ideas about life. All things can be - if we take the time to do a little Brainstorming.

Why am I doing this?
It is my way of giving back. I am retired and have a few disabilities. I have the time and the talent for really good brainstorming. No pie in the sky positive talk, or clichés. Real workable, use -now ideas. Some have called me a walking brainstorm encyclopedia! Whatever your need or want a few good ideas can make the difference.

All it takes is one phone call 1- (951) 729-6628 to find out (21 & older only).  So call me and see what ideas are waiting for you and your career, business or life.
Its free, fast and effective. 
I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Always in Creative Solidarity,
B.G.: Imaginateur
Facilitated Brainstorm Service
Making Possible, Probable!


Comments on Brainstorm Experience:
Yelena M. 
Subject: Feedback
Dear Bullion, 
After having participated in just two brainstorming meetings, which you facilitated, I can say  wholeheartedly that your services are invaluable to me.  Your input is specific and practical and at the same time it opens new horizons of possibility, new directions for action. I admire the scope of your pragmatic and conceptual knowledge and the way you are able to generate ideas and plans of action for people with diverse backgrounds and objectives.

I also feel profound respect for your skills and  professionalism as a moderator – your ability to give full and undivided attention to each person in the group, and at the same time to galvanize the entire group into creative, efficient, and productive - collaboration. I am so grateful for the generosity of your spirit and for your commitment to serve others. Thank you for sharing the ideas, the numerous resources and your own time, for your on-going support, and for the abandon with which you bring forth your life’s gift. 

all my best,
P.S.  I am totally greatful for your work.