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Co-Creation of Self

Self Education is a extension of Self Awareness - Awakening

Intentionally assisting in the creation of who you are is collaborating with Spirit, co-creating. One reason why Self-Education is so important, it literally leads us to greater understanding of our experience.

Many people self educate and don’t realize it. The difference is awareness. People spend a vast quantity of time self educating on sports (their favorite team) or television (telegraphed vision) never aware of the work they are doing on their own collective consciousness. Often choosing from a limited array of programming, which is why its called “programming”.

What if we took our “programming” into our own direction?
What if we chose from the infinite choices available to us today and guided our own selection of what we will learn or unlearn?
As we partook in this path, beautiful and powerful forces come to our aid, and even help us with our learning curriculum. In a short period of time we would become advanced in any subject we liked and even arrive, at some point, to the realization that all is second to the process of Awakening.

The following are some points that we might benefit from and can use as partial guidance we desire, in our journey here, in our own brains.

Self Awareness: Becoming aware of this tiny planet and our own place in the scheme of things. Noticing that we ride on a sphere, speeding thousands of miles per hour around the Sun, with no one steering. Seeing that there are far more things in us and around us than meets our eyes, awareness. Once we start the self awareness growth, it will slowly allow us to take better assessment of who we really are, and what true priorities are present in our current experience.

Selected Intention: Engaging in concrete experiences that allow us to feel and sense the important things in our experience. This may include learning a new language, studying the job market, selecting a spiritual path and laying out a sort of guide to progress on that path. (always being awake to alternate courses if so guided)

Self Selected Experiments: Experiments are not just for scientists. Experiments, allow a bit of experience to occur without risking to much of our resources. One way to experiment is model building. Model building is either on paper or in some other way of expression. Some models are made of wood or clay. Other models are made of hard work, physical or mental, resulting in a learning experience that informs us of options to take next, to continue our line of self educating. The fastest and easiest method is to build models in a notebook of what we are advancing our understanding of. Note anything that seems relevant like dates, people, situations, resources imagined needed, random thoughts.

Intentionally Designing a Self Learning Platform: This is a non-physical imagining of the type of structure and elements that will be required. For example you may choose to start tests in your area of thought to proceed in an trail and error approach. Or you may want to augment your self educating process with forms of thinking. Like Divergent thinking, or convergent thinking, or even what some would say is crazy thinking. (Divergent thinking is when you study endless subjects like our planet, thinking that takes on many different directions. On the other hand Convergent thinking is the thinking of things coming together like building a house.)

Observation and Reflection: If we notice - we are always in conversations with ourselves. We observe, then converse with our self of what we observed, then reflect on our conclusions. We read then observe the new data and then we converse with ourselves about new data. Often this leads to more ideas, questions and pondering.

This is just a start and many will find this to be an elementary list of Self Education and the process. Some will find it new to them and will want to explore further. Whatever the case maybe, please feel free to contact me for further conversation on the subject of intentionally assisting in the creation of self and the world in which we live.
Thank you, Bullion Grey 1-909-657-7863