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Bullion Grey

Church of Innovation Participating  in  the  Emerging  Innovative  Society


From the outside it looks like perhaps a modern church building.  But in fact you are about to enter into one of the new churches of our time.  As you walk inside classical music is playing softly in the background surrounding your senses, as aroma of wild flowers wisps through the auditorium and hallways.


You meet others there, participants who are also casually dressed smiling, carrying notebooks and books of many different subjects and other specialties.  You see those with hand held devices as well as a few laptops being used by the participants already seated.

Several are around you chatting with others who had just arrived. They are discussing art, Spirit,
business, personal development issues and ideas for better living.


An Usher approaches you and asks to see your ticket and takes you to your seat.  As you open the program, with surprised approval, you preview today's creative and intellectual itinerary. 


You see listings such as an
Exploration of the Scientific Method part 4, 
Essay presentation by Mary Erawa on Self-Education, and an interesting entry that is a listing of the upcoming monthly retreats and educational sabbaticals offered.


You see there will be a short speech on little-known spiritual teachings of the world.  As well the musical presentations that range from a solo cellists, a three-piece band to a piano recital.


You know you're not in a church

and you're not in a school

              so…where are you?


You're in the Innovative Society’s

Church of Innovationâ

Church in the original Greek Means “Assembly”. 
You're in the Assembly of Innovation,
where  people get together to learn, grow
and innovate, to create a better
life quality for all.


Just like other churches meetings are held every Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and about 300 people gather.  Weekly there are studies for all kinds of subjects important to the Congregate including business development, creative thinking, proper use of the imagination and ideas for innovating. You see bulletin boards with many Index card advertisements helping congregants of the Church of Innovation to network with each other on art, business, spirit, and life.


There are conference rooms that you can schedule to utilize during the week as well as assembly rooms with chairs, chalkboard's overhead presentation facilities, and more. 


During the meeting you’re handed a survey card which is designed to identify your needs and your talents and/or gifts.  You're asked to put it in the donation bowl as it comes by so someone can contact you and help integrate you into the assembly, so no one ever is left out.  This Church of Innovation is concerned with your life quality and improving it, as well as finding out what you have to offer to help the improvement of life quality for others in the community.


After walking out of the
Church of Innovation at the end of the meetings, recital, speeches and essays, you feel an elated emotion of motivation, hope and a few promising ideas.  As well, leaving that first-day with several new friends business cards whom you’ll call this week.


It's only when you get your car and open your door and sit inside and close the door, the sound of the Church of Innovation fades away, that you realize you're just reading a entry from Bullion Grey……but it's a page  with a thought provoking idea.


||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| what do you think?