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Bullion Grey

The Chamber of Imagination

The Chamber of Imagination, found inside of every human,
sometimes gives way to seekers who try, effort themselve's of entry.
Though it be incased in worldly matters and trifles,
where some are lacking understanding;
there are a few who know this untold quality of its encasement.

Within lurks entities of spirit, who are entrusted to shew away any who dare approach this chamber. But they are only able to scare without any ability to stop the seekers.

Some are fooled and run away, fearful and unable to withstand.
Others laugh and smile, sidestepping these entities. Deep inside they are guided by unknowns, who no one knows why they guide some and not others. They reveal this silly quality of the entities, and their harmlessness.

Enfloded over this Chamber lays a cross vexing of gratitude and thankfulness, which if the seeker is to enter the Chamber, they must posses these before they reach it. Else, they will be sent away, unsatisfied.

Those with such possessions of gratitude and thankfulness
are then able to open the Chamber of Imagnation.
Once inside the Chamber of Imagnation, they must pass one final gap;  the gap of where they are from where they could be. Some present a thought to fly across, that is denied, cause the gap cannot be crossed by seekers who wish for wings. Others try and run and jump the gap, but they fall short and descend into a place they have been again.

But for those few, those open hearted seekers, blessed they be, know in some unexplianable way, that the gap is not to be crossed, so they don't attempt too. Instead they ask the gap to cross them.

And great sounds winds and misty fog arises, a roar that would shake even the most faithful plies across the entire area of the Chamber of Imagnation. Then the gap closes and invited are those seekers who have passed all of the realms and tests. Then, and only then do they realise they are within their own hearts where they discover the Chamber of Imagnation opens unbidden to them.

There, as if the last ounce of life lingers, yet a great power within that life, bursts forth and the seeker in encased in the Chamber of Imagnation and carried off to all that is Imagination.

From there they are seldom heard of again. If they are it is in such garbled code that none have ever been able to understand. But it is certian the seeker is safe and remains their spirit's in the Chamber of Imagnation.