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Bullion Grey


I study and work digging into the spirit and mind.
Just when I find a question worth asking, I look outside onto my porch.

There my mystical cat, lover of all, romps in the front porch as if to be out of mind happy. Leap and jump, stop and stare...then fly into the air.

I am happy she is happy.
I sense her glee as she enjoys the sun and
life she has.

When I look closer I see what she is jumping around for, little flys, bugs and unidentified insects, who jump and scat as she.

They are her friends, not knowing that their dread to be caught is her joy not to catch them. Just to jump and play with them.

I have not seen her eat a single bug all 4 years she has graced our apartment with her life.

Almost like she remembers when we were so delighted to have rescued her from the pound when she - less than a handful old. We jumped and joyed with delight....she celebrates it with her friends, the bugs on my porch.

It is then I resume my thought
to find the answer worth finding