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Bullion Grey

Brain Cell Search 

I took all my brain cells
and put them in a pile.
I dug for good ideas,
it took quite a while.
Found some old memories,
some old lost thoughts,
some dried up,
some soiled with spots.

A wrinkled one here
and a folded one there,
a few my friend
I just can't share.

Unfinished plans there were a few,
but mostly common hopes that never came true.

One idea I thought was just right,
but found it had holes when held to the light.
Some were too fat,
some too thin,
some just old hat,
some plain sin.

Found some that would take years to come true,
some that would take months, others only days to go through.

Well it got late and I had to get home,
so I put them all back; I'll look at them again,
when I'm alone.