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Bullion Grey

As Auto thought about the night he sat wondering how to put a star in the sky, he realized that it was a deeper part of him. His daily self which was involved in life - wasn't that pronounced part within. He gazed into the day as a certainty, but caught himself gazing at the Unknowable. The great Mystery which captivates all things and keeps them moving, without a plan or knowledge of the prompting.
Then as if to be in a dream within a dream he saw that certainty gazing back. It held his attention for a while and caused questions to rise. Was he what was presented in living,  or could there be an ever going illusion? He thought that maybe he was some kind of biorobot or part of a huge software program. Maybe when he woke the other morning and looked out at the morning sky, seeing a white pointer (like a mouse pointer) up there then vanish from sky, wasn't an illusion? A sort of Divine Programmers mistake? It left him with nothing but speculations.

Angsting to catch even a glimmer of an answer, he noticed that when he gazed at certainty it not only gazed back at him, but smiled. He knew he had been plunged into this demension by an unknown series of events, much larger than he could understand. That was when he realised that there were no questions, just experience, and certainty was Uncertainty.

This awareness seemed comfortable, secure and some what liberating. A hard thing to understand - even to explain. But then there is never a real explaination, only scraps gathered from the current knowning.

As he thought -  he felt as if Infinity had swallowed him whole and he was the subject of greater powers of Infinity.  This he had discerned from the years of study in Imagination and Consciousness. It didn't bother him as he knew all humans were in the same boat, at least the same planet.

So Auto sat in his small apartment with his soup and toast. He had a hard day and was tired of thinking. The Mystical Spirit had forged within him elements he felt were for tomorrow, feeling the Presence of future healing. His encounter with these things were part of a theme he didn't write, this he knew. But it was a theme of unity, compassion and caring. That was reasuring.

He wondered if he saw a Spiritual experience, would he notice it?
What if reality was more flexible?
What if he had a false start in his life? Would he know?
Auto thought that the validity of all ideas can be found....but in different places, times and realities. Just if he could determine which were right for his life, from all these unseen sources.

He went to his bed and laid down and went to sleep, to go on dreaming.

Auto Biography is a character created by Bullion Grey. 1993-2009