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How Do You Put a Star in the Sky?
Auto had worked hard, gathering nails, wood. Like a hammer, saw, chisel and stuff. He was as determined as the very word determined could be. He had his doubts as any, at such an enormous task to even the most talented or skilled.

Doubt is a precarious most unsettling thing. It has no favorites or a preferred, doubt exudes a mystery in such a cloudy non-form. But Auto wasnít going to be concerned with doubt at all. He had decided long before, this he would do.

He worked harder than ever before on this his greatest attempt. A single act of art, adding to the previous works by others which shone vividly with the surrounding black setting in the night sky. After a long time of sweat and many tears Auto had nailed, sanded, and glued. The work was quite a sight. Smooth and shiny balanced and present. Perhaps even one would wish upon.

On the night of a full moon he carefully carried it to the top of one of the highest mountains overlooking the night sky. So many other works shined. He sat down on the edge of the cliff, next to his work, wondering silently how his star could ever match or live up to the others. A nameless odd work yet with a profound and unspoken goodness. It was for sure a gift of a blessed soul, with Godís help of course. Should he now say a prayer? Or check with another to assess his sanity? No, he knew, in his deepest spirit that it was good.

Now he waited for the greatest answer, one which he never knew the question for. This, before a darkly lit sky, was going to be his landmark moment. He had his creation - his Star creation. Now he was ready, ready to have it join the distant bright stars staring back at Earth, him and others. This causing feelings he didnít know how to hold, He took deep breaths to calm himself.

He decided to wait. Once Auto heard when one doesnít know - one must wait. Wait for whatever clues or answers would arise. So Auto waited.

There he was sitting on the highest mountain, on a cliff with his feet dangling down, one arm draped over his handmade wooden star and his heart trying to find the answer to the epic question:
How do you put a star in the sky?

Auto Biography is a character created by Bullion Grey, artist and speck of dust in the Youniverse.
Contact: bulliongrey AT live.com