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Bullion Grey

Another Letter to One Who is On Vacation

How was your flight?
I hope it was as fantastic as what I imagined it was.
I was flying with you - you know? As you waited for the plane, boarded, seached for your seat, got settled...waited for
departure, lifted off in the wings of hundreds of tons of steel, flying toward an
uncertain future (as we all do), soared amoung the angels of the sky (clouds) and
saw that the earth was very different just a few feet away from your bed (couch).

Yes I was there while you stumbled to get to the bathroom,(I waited outside) then made your way back to your seat. I saw you looking out that small wind scratched window watching the clouds below and vast open sea of blue and green, brown, and crusty froth of the sea acting like it didn't even know you were above, or cared
that you were. But it did.

Just as the whole earth is breathing it humms and now and then says "What is my daughter of the earth, Rochelle, doing today?" I was there when that humid air of the island hit your face as you walked out to the open greeting area. I saw that anxious look you had, that aprehensive stare.
Tired of a journey that wears like an old hat, you made your way to your new abode for the month ahead.

I left you there so I could get back and write you this email. To tell you everything is fine, always will be. You have passed
through that unseen veil of division, that unknown reason of suffering.

Yes my dear Rochelle, it is your time and this trip was God's way of showing you.
You have now embarked on your new and exciting journey toward God,
as you know God.

Good Heavens to you!
Love you!