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Bullion Grey

A Snippet of Time

After walking miles, we cut across a green grassy field to a distant house. Near the house we found a beautiful cat. Then as we approached this white billowy creature came to us and greeted us with meows. As if it were saying “hello strangers“.

We got to the porch of this long ago abandoned home, it seemed. We sat down on the porch steps of this farm house that surly had had better days. We were tired and pet the beautiful cat as we gathered our words for what we will do next.

Just a day ago we had been enjoying drink and dinner by the ocean which had extra large waves that day. Large hush of open tides crashing on the sand before us.

But now we found ourselves at the porch of an antique house to be sure, and it seemed as if it was part of God’s sardonic joke on us. Just a drive and a breakdown after a long, long trip, complemented with a long walk from nowhere to here. Over head the sky featured the northern lights which played as if entertainment for the ensuing fast collecting evening. A perfect place with two tired and getting hungry travelers, of a short trip to lostness (to coin a word).