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Bullion Grey

Mining my private cloud of ideas, it becomes apparent
that if I never asked the right question, I will have
never arrived at the right answer.

Leaving questions unanswered made me think that I
cannot ask all possible right questions anyway,
not in one lifetime. What does that make me think?

Some thought forms drift in and away from my mind,
but why are those thoughts drifting in my place?
Where does the sorting of what will drift into my
mind and what will not? How would I know for sure?

Another thought came to me, is there a mind
condition that has no questions? I know there
is a mental mind condition where there are
no answers.

I asked myself: What if you never asked the
right question for your entire life?
What if you never considered the right
idea for your entire life?

Then a thought floated in, saying: What if these
questions were unanswerable, therefore,
not ask able?