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Bullion Grey

A Certain Zeal - 148

Wanting a poem is like setting on an adventure. It takes your heart and
mind on a mental/spiritual journey
that passes compassion, as it is so
much more. Encourages consideration
thru beauty
, and becomes a part of
the seeker of the poem.

While the mystical conjunction is more than words, it gives the reader a certain contentment which surpasses
all understanding. Whether practical
or more - it emparts joy, or sadness, which is drama, what life is often
made of.

Looking for a poem is like trying to locate a long, lost friend, or a great thought you just thought and let it
slip away. It is an undaunting will
of spirit that calls out into the
space of all reality, wandering here then there, ongoing toward what will
be that final prize, that single
poem, words of love, no matter what, words of a certain zeal.

One could write on and on about
looking for a certain poem, but
I think we all know, in a common way
of wisdom what we are looking for,
a small taste of living.