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Bullion Grey

The Youniversity of Poem Awareness

Dear aspiring poets,
This is an invitation to create.
It is just a small place, the place that is inside of each.

For none would aspire to create something if they didn't have first the thought to create it. And the thought to create poems means you have the words to share, the emotions and spirit to surrender to such a task.

To sign up, that is to get inspiration, it is asked that one pray every night before sleep. Pray anything good and whole, makes no difference. Pray not only gets answered, sometimes it awakens the Great Spirit that you aspire to and what you wish to create. The Great Spirit welcomes any who wish to share in creation.
Creation is the very signiture of The Great Spirit.

So you are welcome and empowered with such, within a short time the words will start to arrive. Sometimes when you have no time for them. Like when shopping for dinner in the soup section. You might see a older lady buying many cans of soup and there the words will fall to the floor infront of you. Scoop them up, in your notebook. Oh I didn't mention this but a requirement is to carry a notebook at all times.

While you wait in the car for your wife or husband, who runs in the market for a minute, you get to write a few thoughts, maybe not complete, but clues. Looking at old photos of famiy their fun times, and sad days. All will leave some words for your aspiration. Collect them.

If you see a movie make sure you ask yourself "What did this movie make me feel?" "Why?" Then write down whatever comes to mind.

Writing starts with writing.
Poetry starts with feelings.

"You can enter the Castles of light, though to do so you will have to surrender your established beliefs of limitation of what is possible."