Bullion Grey
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Bullion Grey's Library
   Science & Spirit  
Imagination & Intuition 
   Cooperation & Collaboration

 What am I Trying to Do?
Help individuals to become more able to live happily within the global, regional, local community, while learning the new rules of this evolving era.
Assisting individuals to avoid feeling and/or being “just a number” in the innovation age, but rather becoming a participant in this innovative society.

Guiding individuals, companies, organizations in creative, meaningful, rewarding, interesting, satisfying relationships of cooperation and participation. Equipping and inspiring those I work with to live as students as well as teachers,

Finally, leave perpetual monuments of this ideal to expand and help more even when I am gone.


bulliongrey AT live DOT com

I am awakening,
I am beginning to understand

I see the green grass, and the message is grow; I feel the warmth of the morning sun, and the message is I love you warmly; the waves show me to persist; the rocks teach me to be unmovable in my purpose; the wind tells of powerful unseen forces; the birds call to me fly;
I am awakening,
I am beginning to understand.

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